The Hot Buttered Soul

One of the few enduring iconic surfing brands, the Hot Buttered series is a vault of imagery that helped build this core surfing company through the 1970’s and beyond. In this rapidly changing era surfing, few original industry brands remain true to the core. Hot Buttered is such a company. The reason sits with founder and style guru Terry Fitzgerald whose focus is still building surfboards for the faithful. His corporate office for instance, to all intents an every day 9 to 5 work space, contains a hidden door to the shaping bay and an escape hatch to the surf.

Airbrushes...December 1975... The Marvelous... Martyn Worthington.

Airbrushes…December 1975… The Marvelous… Martyn Worthington.

The Bay is what makes Hot Buttered tick. From the ground up, generations of renowned surfers have learned how to tick at the highest levels from the aplomb master. Whether by blood or other attachment, the team in prime days was family. Fitz tutored thrilling speed and accentuated style through his handcrafted equipment.


It is no more encapsulated than by his eldest son Kye. His voyage back to a 1981 Hot Buttered single fin used in the biggest surf ever seen in an Australian surfing event is testament to the rebirth of classic performance. Just about every board featured in the Hot Buttered collection saw the rider in The Bay with Terry for a grounding experience of why and how surfboards work.

Hot Buttered was and is the essential surfer’s brand. Spearheaded by Fitzgerald through long winter seasons in Hawaii, the next generation team sprouted from the tertiary educated platform provided by Nick Carrol, Rod Kirsop and Derek Hynd. It laughed in the face of the dole bludging image of the typical surfer. Carroll and Hynd would go onto major career at several levels within the industry, whilst Kirsop settled for dawn patrols and life as a doctor. Hot Buttered drew focus from Tahiti through the 80’s, connecting Papeete surfing pioneer Patrick Juventin to promote stunning young talent such as Vetea David and Manoa Drollet. Seminally home base for the Hot Buttered team has always been North Narrabeen. One of the understated greats of performance surfing was local Matt Cattle whose barrel rolls have never been matched let alone thought of by the modern crew of Slater and co. over the past 20 years.


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