RMFlex® is a completely new and innovative design that works by replacing traditional wooden stringers with a fusion of unique fibers which delivers optimal flex-based performance through the principles of tensile and kinetic energy. RMFlex® uses fibre fusion technogy to create a high-performance stringerless surfboard. The embedded fusion strands stiffen the centre of the board and creates flex on the tail, pre-loads the rail to create a super flex pattern that puts you tight in the pocket and gives accelerated speed through turns.

Image: Optimal flex-based performance through the principles of tensile and kinetic energy.


RMFlex® has three spines which transfer water and surfer pressure throughout the whole board. This combination creates optimal tail-flex from the centre to the rail, eliminating the “flappy” tail effect generally found in stringerless boards. Suitable for small or big wave boards, and available in different flexibilities Can be installed in both PU and EPS blanks and compatible with Polyurethane resins and all epoxy systems.


Image: The surfboard loads up on energy and then releases it, generating extra drive, speed, torque and flow.


RMFlex® is totally versatile. The fusion fibers can be installed in any size or shape surfboard. As seen on the image on the left, we installed RMFlex® in the latest Hot Buttered model that has a Venturi bottom.


RMFlex® is composed out of a fusion of patented fibers. RMFlex®  fibers are not pre-impregnated and has an extensive shelf life.


RMFlex® was founded in 2018 and has been tested in both Ryan-marco Surfboards and Hot Buttered Surfboards, locally and internationally.


RMFlex®  can be installed in both PU and EPS Surfboards.

RMFlex® X hot buttered