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Hot Buttered Epic Raw NRG 39″

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At HB, our philosophy for designing bodyboards is simple: We take only the finest grade materials, integrate them with team tested templates, and incorporate the latest in construction technologies to create a line of high performance wave riding craft worthy of the HB name. We’ve lived by these three key principles for the past 28 Years of Bodyboard Production.

Brand: HOT BUTTERED bodyboards
Model: Epic NRG Core
Collection: Raw Collection


The Epic curve has been taken from one of our most popular signature models. With the input of the HB Core Team, we’ve dialled in the dimensions for prone riding in medium to heavy surf, with the developing rider in mind. Available in PE/ HD, NRG/ HD and PP/ HD constructions.

CORE: NRG CORE – 1.4lb
Developed using cutting-edge expansion cell technology, NRG Core is a cool water core specifically formulated to meet key performance characteristics as demanded by our worldwide team of the sports elite riders. By incorporating the latest advancements in calibrated cell-fusion, NRG Core gives just the right mix of flex, strength, projection and pop.

STRINGER: 3x RX STRINGERRX (Resin Extruded) stringers are formed via the latest in Pultrusion technology. Slightly heavier and sturdier than our EGF stringers, RX stringers are used in our Tech, Epic and Raw ranges featuring HD slicks. (Note: Stringers do not prevent creasing – please check for stringer placement when drilling leash plug).

Hard wearing, high-density slick bottom skin for improved board stiffness and speed.

DECK: Wave Cushion Air PE Deck
8lb. non-crosslink Polyethylene outer skins. The premier skin for high performance bodyboarding.

RAILS: IXLPE Inner Rail/ Cellucushion Outer Rail, Double 50/50 rails

Classic 45o angle on a 385o radius cut. Loose and responsive, Crescent Tails are the preferred tail shape of the HB CoreTeam. CNC cut for maximum precision.

Nose & Tail Bumpers, Nose Biulbs

Graduated hull contours increase the surface area of the boards slick bottom and channels that laminar flow along the rail/ hull for positive edge control.