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What is RMFlex®

RMFlex® uses fibre fusion technology to create a high-performance stringerless surfboard. The embedded fusion strands stiffen the centre of the board and creates flex on the tail, pre-loads the rail to create a super flex pattern that puts you tight in the pocket and gives accelerated speed through turns. RMFlex® flexes under the various forces of surfing and then positively responds, returning the surfboard back to its natural rocker curve. Through this process the surfboard loads up on energy and then releases it, generating extra drive, speed, torque and flow.

HB RMFlex® Thumbtail

The high-performance shortboard that feels and performs better than anything that has come before it. The HB Thumbtail is a high performance pro model. Fast and responsive, this board will put you in places you have never been in before. Change a 3 turn wave into a 5 turn!


HB H-Bomb RMFlex®​

The H-Bomb is a small wave down the line special with less rocker and a forward wide point easily allowing surfing this board a good 6 – 8 inches shorter than your average all-rounder.  

Added RMFlex® pre-loads the rail to put you tight in the pocket with faster speed through turns.