Custom Surfboards

Quality Handshaped Surfboards Built in South Africa

RMFlex® has three spines which transfer water and surfer pressure throughout the whole board. This combination creates optimal tail-flex from the centre to the rail, eliminating the “flappy” tail effect generally found in stringerless boards. Suitable for small or big wave boards, and available in different flexibilities Can be installed in both PU and EPS blanks and compatible with Polyurethane resins and all epoxy systems.

Image: The surfboard loads up on energy and then releases it, generating extra drive, speed, torque and flow.

Surf The Concrete

Improve Your Surfing, Grab A Slide Surfskate!

Applying multi-decades of experience and technological know-how, Sanchedki is proud to release “Slide by Sancheski”, a collection of surf skates that bring surfing’s freedom of spirit to the streets. Component parts are manufactured by Taiwanese partners at Slide, developed and tested at the Sancheski factory in Spain in collaboration with Hot Buttered Surfboards of Australia, Slide Surf Skate boards will bring you the closest to surfing possible on concrete. Practice turns and trims, skate and surf maneuvers, either out on the flats, or, in a bowl.

No waves, no problem!

Improve your surfing or find the next best thing to surfing if you can’t get to the beach. The newly developed Slide 3.0 truck engineered for performance and precision skating brings you so much closer to surfing on concrete. Slide 3.0 encourages the rider to pump and generate speed like a surfer normally would on a surfboard – these skates are the real thing.